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UK Citizenship Test

The Life in the UK citizenship test is for those people who want to settle permanently (indefinite leave to remain) or to be a naturalised British Citizen. The test is for those people with a good standard of English. Anyone whose English is not so good (ie someone who cannot understand the information on this site) should take a combined ESOL (English as a Second Language) and Citizenship course. Such courses are available from local further education centres.

How do I learn for the UK citizenship test?

There are two ways to learn for the UK citizenship test. The first and most important is to obtain the official handbook 'Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship'. You can also get the Life in the UK Test: Study Guide + CD ROM

The second way to learn is by practicing tests. In practise, many people's learning style is such that doing practice test questions is a much quicker and more effective way of learning for the official test.

You can undertake our free sample practice citizenship tests here.

free uk citizenship testYou do not have to pay anything!

Qualifications for UK Citizenship

There are a number of qualifications required for UK citizenship. Amongst these is that you must be of good character. Checks will be made with the police and other Government agencies.

Financial background
Your background will be checked with HM Revenue & Customs to ensure that you pay tax and National Insurance contributions .If you do not pay income tax through Pay As You Earn, you will need to send a self assessment statement of account with your application. If you have been declared bankrupt at any time, you will need to supply details of the bankruptcy proceedings but be aware that your application is unlikely to succeed if you are an undischarged bankrupt.

Criminal record
Criminal record checks are performed on all applications made by people aged 10 and over. Details of all criminal convictions both within and outside the United Kingdom must be given. This includes road traffic offences. although fixed penalty notices will not normally be taken in to account unless there have been a lot of them. Any drink driving offences must be declared. If you have any endorsements on your driving licence, you must provide your UK paper counterpart licence which has the offence code details.

You must also provide details of any offence for which you may go to court for or are awaiting a hearing in court. This includes any offences for which you have been arrested and you are waiting to hear if you will be formally charged. You must also provide details of any civil proceedings against you which have resulted in a court order being made against you.

Where do I take the UK citizenship test?
You can find your nearest centre to take the British Citzenship Test here

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